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 Neverwinter Nights 2

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Neverwinter Nights 2   Wed May 08, 2013 9:39 pm

I've been trying to get into this game and it's been only mildly enjoyable so far.

I'm not a big fan of the OC and of the companions. I've read things pick up once you've reached Neverwinter but I'm bored with my character. I tend to restart games and I also spend quite some time thinking about builds.

My first attempt was with a Rogue/Swashbuckler/Wizard and this character worked fine as a Rogue but was a lousy spellcaster.

I then switched to a Dwarf Ranger with an Assassin level but it lacked that extra little something. The Dwarf looked really cool with a mohawk, a beard and a swashbuckler hat but he hit like a pansy elf.

So now I'm thinking about different character builds that could work (I'm also thinking about playing the same character in the expansion).

1) Wood Elf: Rogue 1/Bard 1/Red Dragon Disciple 4/Ranger 24
Able Learner to be able to pick locks, maxed out STR for damage (Rangers benefit from two weapon fighting feats without investing in DEX). He is starting as a Rogue for skillpoints and in order to dump CHA and WIS (no need for crappy Ranger spells anyway). A Brown Bear as an Animal Companion (I've tried the Boar and it was a pretty good choice but I want some change). Light armour, medium weapon in the main hand and light weapon in the offhand. The real drawback is going to be the low INT (not more than 12) which won't help with skills.

2) Tiefling: Rogue 1/Cleric 17/Stormlord 10/Divine Champion 2
Cleric domains: Air (for lightning spells, nice for a Stormlord) and either Knowledge (Identify and Knock so no need for a Rogue) or Earth (free Toughness and Stoneskin spell). Heavy armour and spear (possibly shield with Monkey Grip). The real drawback is the need for buffs (not a problem since you can rest anywhere in this game but it gets a bit tedious after a while). The level penalty is annoying but Tiefling should be entertaining.

Both characters should be playable throughout the game. The Ranger will be more straightforward and a very high strength should work well with extra attacks (I'm thinking STR > 30 by level 10). The Cleric/Stormlord is going to be very powerful thanks to spells including direct damage from Evocation spells and all the buffing. The only drawback is the necessity to buff all the time.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Son of Odin

PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter Nights 2   Thu May 09, 2013 12:34 am

I enjoyed the expansion way more than I did the OC. Still, the OC has it's moments, I especially enjoyed the few evil NPCs in the game. I always take Bishop along, he has some fun dialog and is a fellow CE, so works for me.

The only romance is absolutely pathetic. Not as pathetic as Saerileth... but only ONE romance, and it has to be a stinking GOOD NPC? FFS!

Sand is mildly interesting, although I do like his sharp tongue. The dwarf whose name I cannot remember is a pretty good tabnk, but yet again... GOOD. There is a paladin who I also enjoy killing. Qara is delightfully chaotic. Neeshka quickly gets on my nerves.

I DEFINITIVELY dig Ammon Jerro, but what a shame you only obtain him so late in the game. Neutral Evil Warlock? HELL YEAH, NOW we're talking!

Grobnar? I want to bash his skull in after 30 seconds.

Zhaeve? Stupid githzerai. I enjoyed Dak'kon in PST... but I do not enjoy her.


Last edited by Skorponok on Thu May 09, 2013 7:24 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter Nights 2   Thu May 09, 2013 2:24 am

i did a mod got nwn2 XD I loved the game but my pc wont play it. Sad((
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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter Nights 2   Thu May 09, 2013 8:36 am

I haven't been so far in the game Skorp. I've met Khelgar (the Dwarf) and his Monk obsession is nice and odd but the character is nuts. He should be Chaotic Neutral and certainly not Neutral Good. The guy goes out of his way to pick up fights with strangers...

Neeshka is annoying as hell. I iked her for the first hour and then I got bored. She is the reason I'm considering taking a Rogue level with Able Learner in my builds (for Open Locks at least) or a Cleric with the Knowledge domain.

What annoys me is that the game forces you to be either a goody two shoes or a crazy psycho merc (and I insist on the mercenary part). It's rather hard to find a middle way and I like playing Chaotic Neutral characters who are looking out for themselves and end up unwillingly becoming authority figures.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter Nights 2   Thu May 09, 2013 10:51 am

I don't like the models in NWN2... Here is a picture of my Dwarf on the left, the Tiefling next to him and the Elf Ranger on the right:


The Tiefling looks badass (I've tried giving her Storm's punk look from the 90s Xmen comics as I thought it would be appropriate). The Elf looks puny despite his uber strength but the scar face (from a mod) makes him look a bit dangerous.

I think I'll go with Rogue level and Able Learner on my next build. Use Magic Device looks like it can be pretty awesome.

EDIT: I've played a little with the Elf Ranger. Low hitpoints can be a problem but the advantage in taking a Rogue level and a Bard level early on is that this character gets 1D6 sneak attack (which means that low level foes get killed faster) and the bard song is actually not that bad (at low levels +1 to hit and damage is pretty significant and the song itself is permanent so there is absolutely no drawbacks).

The character is level 4 and he hits hard but can't take much heat (crappy armour doesn't help). Next level will be a Ranger level and I'll take the Two Weapon Defense feat for some protection before investing in Red Dragon Disciple (the good thing is that it will add D12 hitpoints, STR and extra AC).

I was concerned about skillpoints but Rangers get enough points to keep up with several skills (something that can't be said about Clerics or Red Dragon Disciples).

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter Nights 2   Fri May 10, 2013 8:23 am

I've played with the Tiefling Cleric a bit. Taking a Rogue class may look good on paper with all the skillpoints but it hurts the build at lower levels due to the one level penalty. Of course the Rogue level allowed me to pick Earth instead of Knowledge (which I've considered for sheer convenience instead of investing on Lore and Open Locks). Earth allows the casting of Stoneskin (nice defence for a spellcaster) and it grants Toughness (a feat needed for the Stormlord prestige class).

At the moment she is nowhere as good as the Ranger (which is logical for a spellcaster) and I don't think she will shine until she reaches Neverwinter. Low level divine spells are not very interesting (especially at lower levels). With maxed out WIS and the Spellcasting Prodigy feat she should be fine later on (focus on Evocation won't hurt).

The two characters are really different. The Ranger is going to be about straight fighting with incredible strength and high number of attacks whereas the Cleric is going to focus on spellcasting (buffing and evocation spells). Use Magic Device should add variety.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Spam Watch Sheriff

PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter Nights 2   Tue May 14, 2013 10:05 pm

I've only finished neverwinter nights 2 once i think and that was before i got the platinum edition. I think i was playing a druid at the time( i don't remember the race.) Its a fun game i just tend to start playing and not get very far because i don't know what 12d6(or any other damage thing like that) means and tend to end up with characters that miss nearly every swing.
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PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter Nights 2   

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Neverwinter Nights 2
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