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 Fallout New Vegas Mods

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:58 am

The following topic is meant to establish a non exhaustive list of mods that will be updated as new mods are released or other mods come to my attention.

I try my best to thoroughly test every mods on this list but I have to point out that some mods are not necessarily meant to work together.

When it comes to mods caution is advised. Less is more is also a valid principle. So my advice is to pick the mods that suit your playing style and only enable the mods that you will actually use in your game (for instance no need to enable mods that give you custom female armours if you play a male character or don't plan on having a female NPC as a companion).

If you install everything and enable every other mod you may expect some problems.

Should you need help with a mod on the list let me know about the issue you're running into and I'll try my best to help you out.

Each post in this thread will be about a mod category. Feel free to post in the thread for mod suggestions and advice (whether to give advice about a mod that I may have overlooked or ask for advice about a mod) but bear in mind that I may delete posts that are no longer necessary in order to keep the list as tidy as possible.

Please report any broken links.

Thank you for reading.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:38 pm


New Vegas Mod Manager
-you'll need it to manage load order which may solve some incompatibilities (mods further down the load order overwrites changes made by mods that are near the top of the load order).

-it's unfinished so caution is advised. This tool can be used to solve compatibilty issues and clean up a mod. Advanced users only.

FO3 Archive Utility
-this works with New Vegas and allows you to extract content from the BSA archives but also create new BSA archives for your mods.

-the New Vegas Script Extender is an invaluable tool for modders and is required by mods which take advantage of its extended scripting capabilities.

New Vegas Configator
-allows you to tweak your game options using a nice interface and save different settings. Not a modding tool but it can be useful nevertheless.

Fake Fullscreen Mode Windowed - Alt Tab Fix
-not a modding tool either but it's great nevertheless as you can use it to keep the game running while messing around (especially when you want to see how textures look in game) without exiting and launching the game repeatedly. It can also be useful to players who have problems exiting the game without crashes as you can simply go back to windows from the main menu.

FaceGen Exchange for FNV
-allows you to switch a character's face between different saves. So you can use the face that you've made for an old character (even one from Fallout 3) with a new one.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:42 pm


DarNified UI NV [WIP]
-This mod makes Fallout New Vegas UI look as it should have looked in the first place for the PC version (smaller, better, cleaner).

-simple and elegant, it works with or without Darn UI. You can delete some files if you don't want some of the new icons but like the look of this UI.

Detailed Normals - Texture Pack
-Greatly improves the way the game looks without performance loss. Highly recommended.

CLO Custom Lighting Overlay
-not really a texture mod, this mod uses scripts to alter the way lighting works.

No Blur on Hit
-removes the blur effect when your character is hit.

Immersive HUD - iHUD
-requires NVSE, you can choose different settings. Playing without a HUD while being able to use some of its functions is great for immersion. I can't say how great it is to rely on what you can see and hear instead of looking for enemy blips on the compass or to have to keep track of your ammo without having a constant reminder at the bottom of the screen.

Centered 3rd Person Camera
-several options are available. It's also really nice if you like taking screenshots and want your character to be at the centre of the picture.

Vurts Wasteland Flora Overhaul
-new trees, cacti and grass that match the setting perfectly.

Cacti of the Wastes -Cactus Mod-
-perfect for players who love (beautiful) cacti.

OJO BUENO High Quality Texture Workshop and POCO BUENO Texture Pack
-different packages of high definition textures, definitely an improvement although you may have to see how it affects the performance of your machine.

Endgame Slideshow Widescreen Fix
-a much needed modification if you're using a widescreen.

4 Aces HiRes and RegRes textures
-texture replacements for every textures in game (if you want to keep the retextures you're currently using back them up before installing). I'm using the RegRes pack as I don't want to strain my computer and it is definitely an improvement since everything looks sharper.

No scanlines or distort on Pipboy
-removes the lines and the distort effect on the pipboy.

Caravan and Casino FNV themed playing cards
-replaces playing cards with the cards from the Collector's edition so you can enjoy a true Fallout New Vegas vibe when playing Black Jack or Caravan.

Fancy Loadingscreenpack
-new (beautiful) slides made from ingame screenshots. These are magnificent and a welcome change once you've grown sick of regular slides.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:46 pm


Immersive Karma
-no more intrusive sounds and pops up.

Immersive Sneaking
-inspired by the Realistic Sneak mod for Fallout 3, an optional esp also removes the 'empty' caption from the game (so you can't know if a container is empty just by looking at it).

Companion Sandbox Mode
-increases realism when you tell a companion to wait in an area.

Child At Heart Perk
-brings back this perk in the game (it was disabled in the final version).

Perk Every Level
-Allows you to choose a perk at every level instead of every other level. Useful if you don't want to try some minor perks without messing up your build or just want variety. It's convenient but it will make the game easier.

Bottle That Water
-something that really makes sense (I guess without this mod, characters just smash their bottles once they're done with them).

Kobu - Better Binoculars
-highly recommended, it makes binoculars useful.

Faster Pipboy Faster
-speeds up the animation when you open the pipboy.

T3T Misc Item Icons - New Vegas
-adds pipboy icons to items that didn't have any.

Shiloh DS - Colored Map and Icons and Shiloh DS - Clean Pipboy Screen
-the coloured map is beautiful furthermore icons and information can be customized as you wish.

Glowing Star Bottle Cap
-The glow looks a bit reddish but that is a very useful mod for players who want to make sure they're not leaving some of these caps behind or players who don't have a perfect eyesight and may have a hard time looking for them.

Corpse Equip
-ideal for scavengers. You can put a clothing item or armour in a dead character's inventory and make them equip the items.

Shaving Razors
-Modifies all straight razors in the game so they can be used for grooming purposes and not only as weapons.

Working Crimson Caravan Traders
-allows these traders to trade with you (they weren't supposed to so it's not really a fix but it's useful nonetheless).

Inventory Sorters
-Useful for convenience. I use the Magazine sorter since they can clutter up the inventory after a while and I tend to hoard them in game but there are many different options and compatibility fixes for other mods.

Atomic Mods - Backpacks_NV
-adds backpacks to vendors. The larger backpacks incur a penalty to Agility and the mod is rather well balanced.

Easy Unlocking - Easy Hacking - Guaranteed Pick Pocket
-different options are available. I didn't try the pick pocket mod. Nice mod if you want to skip the minigames.

Restore Health limited to Stimpaks
-simply removes the Restore Health value for all items except stimpaks, super stimpaks, xander roots, broc flowers and bitter drinks.

XscaPe Slower Levelling mod
-a modification of the Swift Learner perk to do the exact opposite (i.e. reduce the amount of XP that is gained, the experience system itself is not altered).

-the claws and the regeneration effect are implemented in a really satisfying way but they will make most vanilla battles incredibly easy. Better to use it when increased spawns will be released. Not lore friendly but awesome.

Faster Wild Wasteland
-running faster with the Wild Wasteland trait.

CHILD CAN USE playable children
-allows to play as a child and use items that are restricted to adults.

Fiends Friend
-allows to pose as a Fiend when wearing one of their helmets.

THE5 Combat Assistant - Better than any Nightvision etc
-four different modes can be used including a combat assistant that looks incredibly cool.

NPCs Use Ammo
-NPCs will run out of ammo after a while and then they will loot weapons or switch to melee. It improves immersion and it makes the game play more like the original Fallouts. Furthermore you have a reason for taking out enemies quickly if you want to loot some ammo. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated.

Karma Neutralized
-no matter what your character's karma was it becomes neutral and no matter what your character does it will remain neutral.

No Dialog Tags
-this is a very important mod for immersion. It removes the annoying tags from dialogues so you will have to use your brains to pick your answers and you won't find out whether you've passed a skill check before passing it. It definitely improves the game as you will no longer be tempted to use these indications to artificially boost your character's skills to pass a skillcheck. Simply put, this mod brings back the RP element into the game.

No Message Hints
-removes messages when acting with gameworld objects (like repairing stuff) and out of character information about locks and terminals for better immersion.

IWS-Increased Wasteland Spawns
-with this mod you'll run into more creatures in New Vegas. It's a must have for someone who is replaying the game and needs variety and challenge. It's also great to face real opposition in some places instead of a handful of enemies. I highly recommend a mod that lower the XP you gain from fights otherwise all these new enemies will get you to level up very quickly (it may or may not be a good thing depending on your gaming taste but since reaching the level cap too easly is not fun you should at least consider it).

Monster Mod
-this mod works very well with the Increased Spawns mod as it adds new creatures and variants to the levelled list so that you will run into different creatures in the wasteland. These creatures are not simply different versions of glowing vanilla creatures, they use custom models (and models from Stalker) and textures. The number of new creatures keep increasing as the modder responsible for this mod keeps making new creatures for this mod. I recommend this mod to experienced players as some of these creatures are definitely stronger than their vanilla counterparts.

Weapon Animation Replacers
-allows you to change weapon animations for rifles and handguns. You can choose between different sets of animations depending on your personal taste.

Sheriff Meyers
-gives Meyers a sheriff outfit if you get his pardon and make him the sheriff of Primm.

Classic Enegry Weap Sounds
-for fans of the original Fallout games, your weapons will never sound the same.

Droppable Quest Items
-useful if you need an easy way to get rid of quest items that clutter your inventory. Be careful not to lose anything that matters though.

NV Slowmo Bullet Flyby in Vats
-if you enjoy headshots in VATS then this mod is for you.

Mad Science
-still alpha but it is promising. This mod alters the game experience by adding some weird stuff tailored for would be crazy scientists. Get out there and experiment.

EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements
-a must have, this mod makes energy weapons worth using and visually stunning. If you're not using it click on the link and download it now.

DFB - Random Encounters
-adds some encounters to the game. Interesting mod since you can choose between some parameters. It will also potentially bring back some old foes that couldn't be met very often in FNV (like plain raiders or the Enclave).

NV Error Corrections and Bug Fixes - Reduce CTD
-not a gameplay mod per se but this will probably make your game much more stable and we all know that FNV could afford to be more stable. It does help quite a bit and makes the game more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about untimely CTDs all the time.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:48 pm


Sunny Smiles Companion
-allows you to recruit Sunny Smiles as a companion.

Marcus Companion
-allows you to recruit Marcus as a companion.

Cafe of Broken Dreams -Jericho
-an ongoing project which is meant to bring back Jericho into the game.

Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Dogmeat
-Let's face it, Fallout without Dogmeat is not really Fallout.

Boone With Beard
-a small modification but it makes a huge difference.

Rex Steampunk Retexture
-Changes the way Rex looks to give it a more rusty appearance.

Smoking Followers
-Various esps to allow companions to use different animations (not only smoking but drinking as well). An optional file to add animations for the PC is included.

ED-E avoids traps
-ED-E won't trigger traps anymore (that doesn't apply to mines).

Veronica Redux Type3 Alice
-this version of Veronica comes with a custom outfit and a new weapon but requires Anthony Lings Coiffure - Hair Eyes Lashes for FONV

A Better Veronica
-An incredibly beautiful Veronica with different looks and a possibility to remove the hood. It requires Anthony Lings Coiffure - Hair Eyes Lashes for FONV

Arcade Battle Doctor
-alternate clothes for Arcade, the Dead Money DLC is required.

Its a Dogs World - Corgi and Its a Dogs World - Corgi Companions
-ever wanted a nice Corgi as a companion? They are so cute and perfect especially if you're going for that Cowboy Bebop vibe.

A Bonny Cass
-A different looking Cassidy. It requires Anthony Lings Coiffure - Hair Eyes Lashes for FONV

Type 3 Cute Country Girl Cass and Presets
-a different looking Cass.

A Better Boone, A Better Arcade, A Better Cass and A Better Veronica
-several versions of companions with custom gear/hair.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:50 pm


New Vegas Bounties I
-fully voiced bounty hunting quest. It's rather linear but it allows you to get into some interesting fights that will take you all over the Mojave Wasteland. The mod is fully voiced and attention has been paid to immersion and details.

New Vegas Bounties II
-the sequel to the most popular quest mod for FNV. The mod includes dialogue, is fully voiced (with lip sync!) and if it lives up to the original is certainly a work of love. It's not as linear as the first NV Bounties and picks up the story where the first mod left it. Bear in mind that although it is not mandatory it should be played with a character that has completed the first mod.

-an underground lab with nasty creatures and new weapons for a (very) dangerous dungeon crawl (there is no quest). Alien and Terminator references are included. I've decided to put it with quest mods because it provides a custom follower (although it's not compulsory).

Decisions With Regrets
-Mostly story driven it includes (good) voice acting (but no lip sync). You'll get some interesting choices to make and these will have consequences for the NPCs involved in the story. I found it very stable and fun to play. It's not too long either so if you're looking for a fun diversion this is what you need.

The Most Dangerous Game
-a voice acted combat oriented quest mod with a robot follower. There are some interesting challenges and puzzles and the attention to detail is commendable. Some glitches have been reported so make sure you save regularly and you should be fine. It's a fun quest mod and it doesn't end just after you complete the main part.

Dog City Denver
-a really big quest mod that will take you to Denver, a very dangerous city as you'll find out soon enough. The mod is based on information that should have been used for Van Buren (the original Fallout 3) and it's pretty good. You'll have fights and decisions to make. It's almost comparable to a DLC. The quest takes you far from the Mojave Wasteland and it's a nice change of scenery (if you've played the Pitt DLC for Fallout 3 you'll like it). The voice acting is done by the modder himself but it's pretty good and he went through all the trouble of getting lip sync for the mod. It can feel linear but in all fairness quests in this game are often linear. It's being updated regularly and it is very stable. Don't miss it.

A World Of Pain
-if you think that FNV needs more dungeons and infested caves and sewers look no further. This is a huge mod adding 94 (!) locations to the game and after a few hours I've barely brushed the surface. It adds quests (there is no voice acting for now) and some loot that you will need to fight all these new enemies. The mod will probably remind you of some dungeon crawls in Fallout 3 (and that is not a bad thing). From what I have seen the attention to details is impressive for such a big mod. It's hard to give an extensive description of what this mod does. I'm playing with AWOP Monster Patch and let's just say that it's like playing a different game. Highly recommended.

I'm currenty testing the following mods -testing quest mods is time consuming and I wanted to update this list before the end of the month, I'll add more comments and information about these quests when I'm done.

For the Enclave
-I haven't had a chance to play Otellino's mod yet. The Enclave Radio is a real treat. I expect the voice acting to be top notch.

Express Delivery
-I haven't played NDCowdy's quest yet either. It sounds very lore friendly with both voice acting and lip sync.

The Solar Scorcher - Return to Vault 13
-I haven't completed it but I've been through the beginning before my character's untimely demise which lead me to realize that my last save was made before entering the vault...

-fully voiced, I haven't completed it yet.

-new area, I haven't completed it yet.

Angel Park 2
-by the makers of Monster Mod and AWOP. An entire new area filled with monsters and challenging zones to explore.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:52 pm


Goodsprings Shack
-Adds a shack to Goodsprings (the dialogue added by this mod is not voiced and that may break immersion).

Goodsprings Filler
-Expands Goodsprings especially if you're siding with the good guys. The mod is voiced so it blends in rather well.

Jacobstown Expanded
-doesn't change the exterior, it only adds interiors.

Nipton Revisited
-greatly adds to immersion by adding a timer that will clean up the place 48 hours after you've reached it.

-adds a very special home south of the Gunrunners. It looks even more amazing in game.

WARZONES - Misanthropy Pure
-this mod turns the wasteland into a war zone and expands on the game world. I've only tried it briefly because it was too taxing for my machine but it may work better for you.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:55 pm


No Pipboy Glove from Doc Mitchell
-prevents Doc Mitchell from giving the pipboy glove to the player without changing anything to the pipboy itself.

Plausible Starting Outfit
-an interesting choice if you don't want a vault suit for your character.

Wasteland Courier Type 3
-Female characters only. Adds a nice outfit to Doc Mitchell's house. It blends in the setting quite nicely and makes for a pretty nice starting outfit.

JaySuS Rogue Ranger Coats
-Blends in quite well with the western theme of the game and vanilla outfits.

-perfect if you like the eyepatch look.

Gunslinger outfit
-western themed outfit.

Wasters Scarf 2_0
-really fitting given the western atmosphere of this game.

Playable Miss Fortune Outfit
-an option for zany female characters.

The Girl
-the retex looks pretty cool, a must have for players who like the Miss Fortune outfit.

Sinbloods Venomous Armor
-Female characters only. Adds a very nice outfit that is just perfect for a wastelander female courier in a post apocalyptic setting.

Lady outfit for Type3
-very cool and stylish female outfit, sexy but tasteful.

Vegas Chokers
-adds a collar item (really useful to conceal the neckline).

Non NCR Ranger Patrol armours
-a slightly different look and no NCR affiliation. It doesn't include the stand fix (see below).

Clear Helmets for Radsuits
-makes the radsuit helmets transparent.

NCR Ranger Patrol Armor stance fix
-Fixes the problem with Ranger Patrol Armours that made characters wearing them look like Playmobils.

Invisible Pipboy
-you can't see it but it's there. It won't work with most outfits which cover the left arm so for instance it won't work with power armours but it will work with combat armours and leather armours.

Warlord of the Wastes Outfit
-an armour based on the Fist of the North Star anime it looks incredibly good and fits perfectly. Highly recommended. Male characters only.

Wasteland Journeyman Armor and Wasteland Vagrant Armor
-both armours blend well with vanilla armours (they're made of parts of different armours put together).

Spawn Armor
-not lore friendly, totally overpowered but incredibly cool.

Aviators - Rayban
-a great retex of the Authority Glasses.

Mojave Tin Pip-Boy
-a very cool, western themed retex of the pipboy.

JaySuS Ninjas
-not lore friendly but fun if you like ninjas (who doesn't?)

NVTribal Armor for Type3 and Breeze
-some tribal gear is included as well. They blend rather well in the game. You'll need the matching body type if you want to use them.

Vegas Girl Outfit
-a collection of outfits and jackets for female characters. They look really good and the jackets can also be used with other outfits. Pretty cool.

Ghost Bodysuit for Type3
-very nice set of leather bodysuit armour. A must have for any badass female character.

Super mutant eye implants
-new goggles using supermutant models scaled to fit a human character, absolutely great if you're looking for that steampunk look. They can be bought from Chet in Goodsprings.

Tribal T51b helmet
-based on a loading screen from Fallout 2 this helmet can be bought in Goodsprings. It's a good item for any tribal character.

Glacier Glasses
-new glasses that you can buy from the store in Goodsprings.

Tailor Maid - NV and Satchels
-adds many armour components that can be equipped by a character to modify general appearance.

-adds a holster for handguns that may look nice on your character in 3rd person.

Homemade Weapons Pack
-new recipes so you can craft homemade weapons at a workbench. The models look good and the weapons are balanced.

Returning Throwing daggers spears and hatches
-adds special returning weapons to a chest in Goodsprings, useful if you want throwing weapons and don't want to run out or carry an inventory filled with throwing knives (not that I'm suggesting attacking a Deathclaw with a throwing knive).

Geonox Wasteland Shirt
-nice armour for male characters only but it requires a custom race using modified Roberts male textures (included in the mod).

a Rorschach Mask
-somehow out of place it adds Rorschach's mask and hat to Doc Mitchell's house. For Watchmen fans.

Animated Rogue Outfit
-adds a female outfit to Doc Mitchell's house. It looks great and not so out of place despite the fact that it was made for Oblivion.

Air Force Power Armor T-57c
-an original power armour with a really cool design if you're into heavy armours.

Ulysses Armor
-retextured Khan outfit to match the design of this character (Ulysses was supposed to be a follower in FNV but was cut out from the game).

VaultTec Power Armor
-another big armour for power armour enthusiasts out there. It looks great.

Fiendish Power Armor
-yet another power armour, this one is definitely meant for bad guys.

TS outfit
-a saboteur outfit for both male and female characters. Perfect if you're looking for a more realistic look.

Fallout Tactics Power Armor
-I hate Fallout Tactics but the one good thing was the look of some of the gear in that game. This mod is a recreation of the Tactics power armour and it looks good.

Inherit the Earth
-a grey and black retex of the Vault Security/Sierra Madre Security armour for a futuristic looking character.

The Wastewalker
-adds a snakeskin duster and a wolf helmet (without goggles) through an encounter.

Burned Man Alt Armours Andy
-requires Honest Hearts. It adds three suits of armour (reinforced leather, black combat armour and Ranger patrol) with the Burned Man's bandages (male only). Ranger Andy is now wearing bandages as well.

Barbarian outfit
-a real barbarian looking armour and a treat for any He-Man or Conan fan. It is based on the Brawler body.

-New games only, for players who don't have a preorder pack.

Brass Goggles
-Steampunk goggles that will make your character look cool.

Jadens Revenge
-Craftable armours that are not overpowered and fit perfectly well in the setting.

KORs Pistol Harness
-an item that will make your character look incredibly badass and cool but it required the Honest Hearts DLC.

The Vault Girl For Type 3 vNV
-nicer looking vault suits for female characters.

New Ranger Armors
-an entire selection of armours.

Wasteland Seeker Armor
-light lore friendly armour.

-this may not look like something a wastelander would wear but it may be worth getting a wilder wasteland concept for your character if you like the way this "armour" looks. The blade is really nice. Female characters only.

FS Brotherhood Metal Armor for BREEZE and ROBERTS
-male characters only. You also have to use a body mod. This is a truly outstanding armour. It's not affiliated to the faction but it bears the BoS insignia.

Improved Ranger Coats
-replacers. Definitely an improvement.

Scorpion Sneaking Suit
-a port of the Fallout 3 mod. It looks incredibly good although it may stand out a bit (it looks more like it's from a scifi movie rather than a western).

Legion Power Armors and Armor replacer
-Replacers for a different looking Legion.

-Female characters only, outfit based on Sucker Punch.

Cables New Vegas Rodeo Clowns
-weird but fun. Ever wanted your character to look like a psychotic rodeo clown?

The Tough Girl Outfit for Type 3
-Nice female outfit that looks like something a girl would wear in this setting.

MidWest Power Armor Professional Edition _with visor for PN
-Tactics power armour for a different look.

KORs Knight Hunter
-one badass male Legion themed outfit.

Ten Armor Pack UPDATED
-more than ten male armours (some of them are based on Brink) that fit well in the setting.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:57 pm


Weapon Retexture Project - WRP or Single Shotgun Retextured, 9mm Submachine gun retextured, 9mm pistol re-texture, 357 revolver retextured, 22 Silenced Retexture, Varmint Rifle - Retextured
-all these (really good) textures are by the same modder.

MUW - Moddable Unique Weapons 1_6
-what it says.

, Shishkebab Schematics, Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematics, New Dart Gun and Railway Rifle
-these mods bring back the custom weapons from Fallout 3 (the files were included in Fallout New Vegas but not implemented).

-A really big revolver with custom textures and scope (that can be added). You'll have to fix it first.

JaySuS Swords
-blades and swords for the entire family.

Stampede, Frontier, Showdown
-western themed weapons that can be found in Goodsprings.

DWPPCRevolver or Dan Wesson PPC
-adds a pretty cool looking handgun to either Quarry Junction or Goodsprings.

-adds a new prized gun to Benny's collection (it is based on the Dan Wesson PPC).

Classic Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun
-based on the game Shadow Warrior, the gun can't be purchased before level 15. It's a lovely weapon.

Bolt Gun
-adds a very beautiful weapon based on the Railway Rifle. It's well implemented as you will first have to find the blueprint and then you will have to find parts to build it.

-nice little gun, it is not overpowered.

VT-191 Murdelizer
-a truly unique new energy gun which works like a recharger rifle (as far as ammo is concerned). It is to be found at Helios One.

-a very expensive new gun that looks really good. Mods are available but you will have to buy them as well.

Experimental Laser Katana
-sets of katanas, tantos and wakizashis with laser /plasma /tesla themes. Dual wielding matching swords are included.

Nordic Firearms
-adds a series of firearms to vendors and locations -these weapons are designed to be used with increased spawns and a world of pain so they are slightly more powerful than their vanilla counterparts.

Shishkebab No Glove And Backpack
-removes these parts so you can be stylish while using the flaming sword.

Hedszots Weapon Pack
-cool looking futuristic weapons with mods to be found in a new bunker.

Dirty Blaster
-my attempt at a crap shooting gun. Highly radioactive and certainly not overpowered.

Rivens BRL Cowboy Repeater
-short barrel version of the Cowboy Repeater, both replacer and non replacer versions are available.

Better That Gun
-changes the way the gun looks (not the stats) and adds some pretty cool looking projectiles so you know that your using that gun. I'm partial to the original Fallout sound from this mod: That Gun to classic 223 Pistol conversion PLUS mods (the mod itself hasn't been updated for the latest patch).

Survivalist Rifle retexture, A Light Shining In Darkness retex
-retextures for two unique weapons from Honest Hearts.

COP 357 Derringer
-the perfect backup weapon, small and deadly, the mod includes a unique version that can be bought on the Strip.

Bingles Melee Complete
-strange melee weapons that you can use for exotic characters. They all feel rather unique in a nice way.

Wannabe Book of Eli Machete Knife Sword Blade Thingy
-definitely one of my favourite swords out there, it looks really good and fits perfectly well.

Angelina Jolie Wanted SA Matchmaster
-a very nice gun that you may enjoy using in game especially if looks matter to you.

Better Chainsaw
-a nice and darker retex of the chainsaw.

AE-86 Seiryuu Beam Katana
-an energy katana that comes in different colours.

Survivalist Crossbow Mod
-a crossbow to be found or bought in game. The mod includes special ammo recipes and new perks.

Pipe Rifle And Other Junk Weapons
-for a true wasteland survival experience, makeshift weapons that can be crafted in game.

12 Gauge Lever Action - Ranger Denali
-custom weapon with performances similar to a hunting shotgun.

Lightsaber NV
-not lore friendly but real fun. Comes with different colours and a special VATS attack.

Teddy Bomb
-powerful bombs that can be crafted with explosives and teddy bear. The explosions look really nice.

Retextured FALLOUT Ordnance - RFO
-great retex of some of the heavy weapons. Big guns looking better.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:59 pm


Hi-Res Eyes Replacer
-much better looking eyes for everyone. Great improvement over vanilla textures.

Courier Race or Headshot scar
-allows the courier to sport a scar on his/her face as a result of what happens in the intro movie.

FO3 Facegen Presets
-useful if you miss some of the old templates from Fallout 3

BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3 HiRez HiDetailed Replacer
-a new body for females [warning nudity -although there is also an underwear version of this mod], chek out Type3 Body and Armor replacer, Dead Money Type3 Outfits, Type 3 Honest Heart Tribal Armors, Old World Blues Armors for Type 3 and Lonesome Road Armors for Type 3 if you use it as a replacer. For guys you can choose between Breezes New Vegas Males or Roberts Male Body for Fallout New Vegas but there may be some texture issues with armours.

BEWARE OF GIRL African American Albino Race NEW VEGAS
-[warning: nudity] adds a playable female race that comes with very detailed textures (skin, hair and eyes are included) making it possible to create a very good looking female character. Since it also adds some weapons and outfits in Doc Mitchell's house it can be useful even if you don't make a new character. The outfits are for female characters only but both genders can use the guns. Very useful mod if you want to make a good looking female character.

BEWARE OF GIRL Ghoulisly Gross Ghoul Skin replacer NV
-for ghouls, Type 3 required.

Mutant Eyes
-adds many weird mutant eyes to make a really cool character.

Old Ghoul Eye
-adds a playable race with a damaged eye. It gives your character a real reason for wearing an eyepatch.

SKINNY 6 BodyReplacer for Fallout New Vegas and
The SKINNYwear Shop NewVegas
-[warning: nudity] adds a really skinny female model (you may want to use a custom race). The body type requires special outfits. It's definitely not for everyone (the model is really skinny) but it's well executed.

skims Athletic Female WIP Body
-[warning: nudity] it's still marked as WIP but it's a valid alternative if you're looking for a bodybuilder look. A custom race is included.

Rivens Chunky Duncan Race_Fat Man and Rivens Chunky Duncan Outfits
-[warning: nudity] a new playable race using a really fat model (based on Roberts male body). It looks pretty good but you need armours specifically made for this body type.

Classic Fallout Style Super Mutant
-some better looking super mutants. They look incredibly good.

Authentic Burned Man
-greatly improves the way the Burned Man looks in Honest Hearts. It also adds the Burned Man's bandages as facial hair.

Simple Bald Style NV
-OldCoot's favourite.

Mojave Delight for Type3
-great looking custom races for female characters. A great way to make a really beautiful character.

Tattoo Full of Roses
-great looking tattoo for female characters.

Muscle Girl Project - NV
-a bodybuilder body type for female characters. Too much buffout will do that.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:00 pm


Black Mountain Radio Everywhere
-allows you to listen to this radio anywhere in the Wasteland.

Radio New Vegas - The Secret Stash
-expands the playlist for the New Vegas radio with up to 60 new vintage songs from the 40s and 50s. These songs were chosen because quests were named after them.

Fallout 1 and 2 ambient musics
-while the New Vegas music is less Oblivionesque than the one in Fallout 3 it doesn't come close to the original music by Mark Morgan.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:44 pm


Mr Doctor House
-Hugh Laurie as Mr House. Not very lore friendly but hilarious.

Justice League Costumes
-campy, over the top and out of place (but who am I to judge?) unleash the superhero in you. Jetacon72, the modder responsible for this mod has also released other superhero costumes that you may want to check out if you like this sort of things: Captain America suit with shield, Nite Owl Costume and Ozymandias Costume

For a Few Poses More NV edition and Action Poses
-I don't really know where to put this. It is mainly used to take cool screenshots of your characters looking pretty. Depending on your view on this it can be either useless or priceless.

A Requiem for the Capital Wasteland
-I haven't tried this yet but I thought it was worth including it in the list nevertheless. This mod allows the player to travel back to the capital wasteland and thus merges Fallout 3 with Fallout New Vegas. You'll need Fallout 3 (and possibly the Fallout 3 DLCs). It's still beta.

ST Robot Race
-play the game as a robot. It can't get stranger than this.

The Roach King is back
-adds a special encounter with a foe from Fallout 3 -the Roach King. The mod also introduces explosive roaches (with schematics).

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:43 am


These mods require NVSE. They can be buggy and performance will depend on your machine so you should try them out and see how they work for you first. Also note that they work by adding a vehicle as an armour which allows the character to move faster and look like he/she is using a vehicle and the game has not been designed for this: the faster your character goes, the faster your computer has to load new environments so if your game crashes or hangs when you're running around in the wasteland don't expect these mods to run smoothly (you can always turn down your settings if you want to trade eye candy for better performance).

NV HoverChair
-my favourite vehicle mod for Fallout 3. The great thing is that IMO it really fits in the weird Fallout universe.

-the new device for FNV. It includes an NPC and a quest. The board looks cool and is a great addition to a wild wasteland experience. It's fairly balanced as you can't get guns and need to find batteries.

Advanced J3XMotorcycle
-the classic motorcycle with a few modifications. It's fun to drive and will not look as weird as the other means of transportation above.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 11:37 am

I've updated the list, if you have mod recommendations feel free to post them here so I can include them.

I've rated 196 files on the FNV Nexus and as a result this list keeps getting bigger. Smile

If you have questions don't hesitate. Apart from a few quest mods (I still have a few to go through) I've tried all the mods on this list.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 2:31 pm

Simple Bald Style NV

POCO BUENO Texture Pack


BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3 HiRez HiDetailed Replacer

BEWARE OF GIRL Ghoulisly Gross Ghoul Skin replacer NV

Kasdars Medical Injection System

Centered 3rd Person Camera
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 3:40 pm

Thanks for the links OldCoot.

Simple Bald Style NV
-added to the list (I simply use a custom race with none as basic hair and it does the trick, I'll have to check this out).

POCO BUENO Texture Pack
-I've listed the other texture pack by this modder thanks for pointing this one out.

-I have the Tribal pack myself but this sounds interesting, added to the list.

BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3 HiRez HiDetailed Replacer
-Already in the list.

BEWARE OF GIRL Ghoulisly Gross Ghoul Skin replacer NV
-added to the list. I've completely forgotten about this one.

Kasdars Medical Injection System
-that modder left me a really bad impression and I wouldn't want to use his mod if it was covered in honey and I had a rabid Yao Guai chasing me. Besides, it looks like a simple port based on the prototype medic power armor from Fallout 3.

Centered 3rd Person Camera
-Already in the list.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 3:46 pm

Well, I was told once by a very smart person: "Judge no person by their words. Judge them ONLY on their works."

So let's not hold a grudge over petty things. Kasdars Medical Injection System is a great mod.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 4:13 pm

I judge people by their deeds AND their words but I don't judge hastily and I don't care about grudges -like Sun Tzu said in the Art of War:

"If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by."

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 4:37 pm

I guess your right, I still do not care for the modder who made New vegas Bounties 1 and 2. I feel the same about him as you do about Kasdar. So I guess your right.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 7:39 pm

WOW!! awesome mods.. but it will take me forever to weed out the male ones. as much as i love the ladies ones i dont use them.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 8:04 pm

So you only play guys? There are only a few mods that are female only in this list. I'd suggest going through the links and use the stuff you find appealling. Don't use all these mods together though. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Mon May 30, 2011 9:48 pm

i will have to see them all. yes i mostly play men but once and a while i make a female. dont get me wrong ladies are awesome but i play what i like ^___^
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:22 pm

I've updated the list and I still have some mods to add so I'll try and bring it up to date next week. One thing is for sure, I won't maintain a mod list for Skyrim as it's simply too much work! Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:52 am

List updated. It will probably be the last update until I get back into the game. Feel free to post if you find a cool mod that is not on the list. Thanks! Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:25 pm

I haven't tried it yet but the lead designer for FNV has released his own hardcore mod. It's not an official update and it requires all DLCs but some of the changes really make sense for a hardcore mod. You can find it here.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas Mods   

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Fallout New Vegas Mods
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