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 Camp de la Liberté

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Nakia the Rogue

PostSubject: Camp de la Liberté   Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:59 pm

Camp de la Liberte

Open for business. Come on in.

Blind faith is a liability: Skepticism a necessity.

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Nakia the Rogue

PostSubject: Re: Camp de la Liberté   Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:29 pm

Camp de la Liberte
Here is a safe haven for adventurers from all worlds, all games to rest a while and tell of their adventurers.. A place of comradeship, protected from those who hunt you and try to destroy you. Only words of welcome and friendship are spoken here to the weary traveler. Set aside your burden of saving the world, the burden of being the Chosen One, sup, rest and tell us about yourself.

Lenoe stepped from the sod house to stir the stew bubling over the fire. She sniffed the aroma of the vegetable then lifted the spoon to taste. Smiling she moved the stew away from the fire but close enough to stay warm.

Her ears caught a faint rustling, fainter than human ears could hear and she turned towards the sound. A small figure moved towards the campfire, almost invisible in the night shadows. Lenore called softly “Welcome friend, welcome to Camp de la Liberte. Be not afraid, all are welcome here for the God of Peace rules here."

The figure stepped into the light of the fire revealing a small person dressed in dark leather armour, with a crossbow showing above the back and a short sword hung at the waist. Looking around caustiously the person moved closer and then smiled warmly. “Aye, I am weary and would be glad to rest a bit. My name is Nakia and I fare from a land called Faerun.”

Nakia glanced at the steaming pot and then away as if to hide her hunger.Lenore smiling, “Come sit by the fire. Would you like some of the stew? It is just ready; “ Without waiting Lenore took a bowl and offered it to Nakia with a wooden spoon. Pulling off the footman helmet and loosening her leather armour she sat quickly down and took the bowl. Blowing on the stew to cool it she ate quickly but with grace. Then from a small bag she pulled out a vial and two cups. She poured a golden liquid into each and offered one to Lenore.

‘This mead made from the finest honey of my land. Please share with me.”
Lenore took the cup and sipped. A pleased smile crossed her face. “It is very good and seems to have an energizing quality to it.”

“Aye, that it does. I deem it as good as any healing potion.” Then she reached into the bag and pulled out a package, opening it to reveal some little cakes. She and Lenore shared them companionably. “Tell me of this place”, asked Nakia.

“This spot was created by the God of Peace out of time and space. Here those who have been chose by the gods or by fate to achieve great adventurers, to even save their worlds may have a moment to rest, to heal, to talk to others of their kind. No one is turned away for here it is impossible to do harm to another. I am the servant of the God and see that there is always a warm fire and good food to eat. When you have rested and are willing I would love to hear your story."

Blind faith is a liability: Skepticism a necessity.
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Camp de la Liberté
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