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 Some pet stories.

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Nakia the Rogue
Nakia the Rogue

Some pet stories. Empty
PostSubject: Some pet stories.   Some pet stories. I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 13, 2011 7:45 pm

Those of us who have pets like to talk about the so I decided to start a thread where we could tell little stories about various pets we have had or would like to have.

I grew up on a farm with lots of animals around but never really thought of them as pets. We had several German shepherd dogs. One was, a man, was my nanny and guardian when I was small. I don't remember it but was told stories of different things he did. Not letting my mother chastise me but pulling me out of danger himself.

When I was a little older he were going away for a little while and left in chained to a clothes line. Both the chain, a long one, and the line were metal. This permitted him a great deal of movement. A thunderstorm came up while we were gone and lighting struck him making him blind. Otherwise he did not seem to be badly hurt. He learned to get around and managed to be protective of the home. Once scaring off would would-be thieves with the help of a large mother pig they had annoyed.

His name was Bert and I have fond memories of him.

Blind faith is a liability: Skepticism a necessity.
Some pet stories. 99e745b4
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Some pet stories. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Some pet stories.   Some pet stories. I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 06, 2011 7:11 am

i had a cat.named P (prince P) oh man he was sooo beautiful. he was a pure bread but the owners did not want him because even at a older age he would hold the mamma cat down to feed. he would play hide and seek with me and he could open the front door. he loved my mother so much he liked to show her by spraying her ( he was snipped too late and still could .. however that works)

he would drool if you pet him .it also seemed like he could understand you. he also loved to sleep with me even tho i have asthma and cats in bed are a no no.a very nice cat. BUT he got into tons of fights.. he would even start them. he was all that and he knew it. he met his demise when a neighbors dogs got out and found him. i am sure he never gave in until the end.

my other cat at the time was named penny. she was purebreed too but as dumb as a post. she would meow on command until P died then she never meowed again. she would sit in the street and not move for cars. she even got run over by a bike once.. with no damage -_-

one time she got into our neighbors car to sleep(she slept in the oddest places).. he was on the way to Seattle when he noticed her.. i remember him dirving up and yelling about a stupid cat and lightly tossing her out the window ( he stopped the car)
she loved mushrooms. she had a crazy love for them!!!

we also had a dog for about a week once. the lady who gave him to us never told us he learned his commands in Russian. this was a BIG BIG dog and i got to spend a lovely week cleaning up after a dog that kept going inside to poo and not understanding what he did wrong..^_____^. he was a lovely dog but just too much for us.
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Some pet stories.
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