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 Dragon Age Origins Mods

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:13 pm

The following topic is meant to establish a non exhaustive list of mods that will be updated as new mods are released or other mods come to my attention.

I try my best to thoroughly test every mods on this list but I have to point out that some mods are not necessarily meant to work together.

When it comes to mods caution is advised. Less is more is also a valid principle. So my advice is to pick the mods that suit your playing style and only enable the mods that you will actually use in your game (for instance no need to enable mods that give you custom female armours if you play a male character or don't plan on having a female NPC as a companion).

If you install everything and enable every other mod you may expect some problems.

Should you need help with a mod on the list let me know about the issue you're running into and I'll try my best to help you out.

Each post in this thread will be about a mod category. Feel free to post in the thread for mod suggestions and advice (whether to give advice about a mod that I may have overlooked or ask for advice about a mod) but bear in mind that I may delete posts that are no longer necessary in order to keep the list as tidy as possible.

Please report any broken links.

Thank you for reading.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:20 pm


-FtG UI Mod - More Readable Fonts and UI
It's still beta but the updates are regular and the mod is well documented. If you find the ingame texts to be too tiny this mod will greatly improve that aspect of the game.

-CC Extra Tints and Tones
This mod allows you to access colours that were not allowed in the character creator. Simply put you don't have to use the toolset to get access to the nice (or weird) options. It also enables you to pick Duncan's or Morrigan's hairdo, different eyes and adds more colour to your tatoos.

-Chargen Package
Adds more face presets (non replacers) and more options to customize your characters (including some rather nice scars). There is a compatibility file to use it with CC Extra Tints and Tones.

-PT's Vibrant Colors
Adds even more skins, colours and everything.

-More Hairstyles
What it says. They're available at character creation.

-Bidelles Makeup Studio
More skins and it includes a compatibility file to combine it with other mods.

-White teeth.
This one makes everybody look better with less yellow brownish teeth. Smile!

-Circles be gone.
It does just that, it gets rid of the circles. Now screenshots won't be marred by those huges yellow and red circles that are totally useless (you've got the map to indicate foes anyway).

-Natural Bodies
Warning: nudity. This mod gets rid of the underwear. It makes the love scenes less awkward. If you find nudity offensive skip it but if the fact that Morrigan puts on a bra for the love scenes annoys you then this is a must have mod. Bear in mind that there is also male nudity in this mod so you'll have to delete a few files or use another mod if that makes you uncomfortable.

-Amazon Curves
Warning: nudity. This mod provides and alternative to the natural bodies mod. There is no male component in this mod and you can choose between three versions (one is more athletic whereas the others are rather voluptuous).

-Blood Dragon textures
The Blood Dragon Armour has very good stats but looks out of place in the medieval setting. There are some mods that change textures and provide alternate textures (with or without the glow). You'll still need the DLC to be able to get it in game of course. Blood Dragon Armor Textures with different options and Elder Blood Dragon Armour if you prefer a darker texture.

-Sacred Faces
There are several mods that change the appearance of NPCs to make them look like the way they look in the Sacred Ashes trailer but I've chosen to include this particular mod because it allows you to get the "Sacred Warden" morph as a template at character creation including the glowing eyes, the tattoo and the scar without opening the toolset (I did get that mod so my human noble rogue could have a scar).

-Trailer Edition
If you really like the look of NPCs in the trailers then this mod offers another alternative (I like the way the Sten and Leliana look with this mod).

-Morrigan and Leliana Sacred Ashes Face Mod
Yet another version. Morrigan in this mod looks a lot like the Sacred Ashes trailer. It's nice for a change.

-Sly Zevran
There are many mods that change the appearance of NPCs and all these changes are really easy to make with the toolset, I didn't want to include too many of these files in that list but I have to make an exception for this mod. It makes Zevran look really good. There is also an option to use this face for your elf instead.

-Angelina Jolie Facemorph
I don't like adding too many face mods in this list but I have to make an exception for this one. This face really looks like the famous actress and is a perfect match for Isabella the Duelist in the Pearl (you just have to rename the .mor file as "hf_den200_isabela" and put it in your override folder). I use it for Leliana (with a different hair), it makes the idea of romancing everyone's favourite bard even more appealling.

-Dragon Age Redesigned
This mod offers alternative faces for most NPCs. Some of them look really good and you can pick the ones you want in your game. Of course most companions are included.

-Dalish Elves Beautified
I don't usually care much for new morphs but I don't mind making an exception for this mod. I really like what the modder has done with these morphs (especially Tamlen). Have a look and see for yourself.

-Dr.DJ's Bandit Emporium or Simple Tattoos
Adds some nice scars and tattoos for your characters but you have to use the toolset (or edit the chargenmorphcfg.xml to get the scars in the character generation screen - open the file with the note pad and simply add the references in the skin section at the bottom -regarding tattoos, if you don't want to open the toolset you have to add them to the skin section as well, I'm still trying to get that right but there is no perfect solution without the toolset).

-Atoms Better Male Presets and Atoms Unique Presets
Use only one of them. These files add new faces as presets during character generation, you can modify them as you wish. It saves you the trouble of having to fiddle around the toolset to get some cool tattoos or eyes in game.

-Royal Welcome at the Pearl
I don't really know where to put this. The idea behind this very little mod is based on one of Zevran's comments... It's totally irreverential and hilarious.

-All in the Family - HM Cousland Preset and All in the Family - HF Cousland Preset
Two presets (one male, one female) which are meant to make the Human Noble look like his relatives. You can modify them in the character creator and they bear a great resemblance to the Teyrn, the Teyrna and Feargus. Great for better immersion.

-Resized Shale
Makes Shale look bigger.

-Elven Daveth and Elven Wynne
Nice for a change and since the game itself doesn't specify that these characters are not elves it doesn't break immersion. I like Wynne better as an elf and Daveth makes a pretty good Elf.

-Wyld Tats, Aion Themed Tattoos, Dalish Concept Tattoo, Hand Drawn Tattoo
More tattoos for your characters, some of them require the use of the toolset.

-DAO Companion Portraits
Changes the orientation of character portraits so they face the same direction.

DA2 Isabella and Flemeth to DAO
Modifies these NPCs so they look like their DA2 counterparts.

-Armored Ogres of Ferelden
Different options to add Awakening ogre armours to ogres in DAO.

-tucked hair
Hairstyle that won't cover your character's face.

-Elf Update, Qunari Update, Mabari Update
Mods that make Elves, Qunaris (Kossith race) and Mabaris look like they do in DA2. Nice for a change, the Qunari mod is particularly nice to have in the game.

-rescaled swords and daggers
Size more befitting the body type including smaller daggers.

-DA gore adjustment
Edits the blood splatter so the gore can look a bit better. Four different versions are available.

-neutral teeth
More neutral looking teeth (not too white nor yellow).

-Hazy Sun
A different looking sun (more blurred).

-less gaudy tints
Lighter tints for various tiers of armours.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:26 pm


-Qwinn's Unofficial DA:O Fixpack
Fixes many bugs with the 1.03 patch. It's well documented and compatibility shouldn't be an issue.

-Advanced Quickbar
This mod gives you three extra quick bars so you can have more abilities or items available just one click away. Simply drop the "Next" or "Previous" buttons in your quickbar to access them. It's very useful especially in the late game and with mages.

-Auto Loot
This mod adds a skill that you can drop in your quick bar, when you use it your character will collect all the loot nearby provided your inventory allows it. Definitely useful when you've played the game long enough to be sick and tired of having to get all the loot manually. There is a work around to get it to work with Awakening (I haven't tested it yet).

-Party Command Unlock
With this mod if your character can't pick a lock but one of your party members can you won't have to select that character to have him or her pick the lock. It's incredibly convenient when playing a Mage or a Warrior (or if your Rogue wants to leave all the lockpicking to Leliana). Next time Leliana says "I can do that for you" she will actually do it. Note that this mod doesn't work in Awakening (won't break your game or anything, it just doesn't work).

-Two Specializations Sten
It didn't make sense that Sten didn't get two specializations like every one else, this mod fixes this.

-Silent PC
At character creation you can select a silent voice so you won't hear comments from your main character. A great immersion mod.

-Sex Movies Always Play Human
The love scene movie will play every time you invite a character to join you in your tent (not just the first time). Dwarf version and Elf version.

-Detailed Tooltips
There is a lack of information in game and this mod fixes that. Now you can find out what abilities and stuff do before picking them and testing them.

-Item Set Descriptions Codex Entry
Adds a description of the bonuses from the different item sets in the codex.

-Madd Gift Guide, Gift Guide DLC and Gift Guide Awakening
Adds the name of the companion to gifts descriptions so you can have a much easier time figuring out who you should give a gift to. It's a bit spoilerish but may save you some time on a subsequent playthrough.

-The Winter Forge
An amazing mod. It adds an NPC to your camp with a forge that will allow you to customize many items and forge some new ones without opening the toolset. You can edit names and materials, customize abilities and change heraldic symbols on shields. If looks matter it's definitely a must have (you don't have to wait for ages to get two Tevinter blades for your Dual Wielding character for instance, you can have you shield tank sport a nice Grey Warden Griffon on his or her shield or you can upgrade the Cousland family sword so it won't be useless). It's still beta and you can create overpowered items (there are options to add limitations as well so it's your call). The latest updates require the use of a custom skill and components so it's no longer overpowered (you can still change the way your gear looks like). On that point if you don't want to modify your game experience too much you'd probably be better off using the old version of the mod (the one that doesn't add a skill and crafting components).

-Dog Gift Tweaks
This mod changes the gifts that are meant for the dog so that they can be useful by giving him some bonuses. It's certainly not overpowered and it's a perfect mod for players who like to have the dog as a companion.

-Skip the Fade
This mod allows you to skip the Fade part of the Circle Tower quest when you face the Sloth Demon. It gives you the attributes bonuses and adds the codex entries. You'll also get the XP from the fights. The mod takes you to each of your followers' nightmares before confronting the Sloth demon. You don't miss anything except the tedium of going through this area. It's perfect if you don't like the Fade or if you are just bored with that part of the game after many playthroughs (I know I am).

-Extra Dog Slot
This mod adds an item to your inventory, you can use this item to summon the dog and alternatively make him go away thus bypassing the limit to the number of characters in the party. The dog is fully functional (you get all the regular dialogue options). If the dog gets killed you can send him away and summon him again (that will get rid of the lasting effects of wounds as well). Don't try to level him up when he is in the summon slot and you'll be fine. It's the perfect mod for players who like the dog but feel bad about having him take the place of a regular party member.

-Slap Morrigan
I should make a useless but incredibly fun mod category. This mod allows you to slap Morrigan (the latest version doesn't modify your approval, the slapping is just for fun). By the way, you should expect Morrigan to slap you back... Sometimes.

-Kick-and more-Templar Carroll-and others--into Lake Calenhad
Funny little diversion that allows you to get back at some NPCs.

-Nukenin's Stealing Fix
Fixes the bug caused by the 1.03 patch. It works with the Dragon Age Mutator component that reduces the cooldown.

-Dalish Mage Origin
Allows you to play a Dalish Mage, works better if you use Non-Circle Origin Mage Dialogue Fixes.

-Origins Faster Combat
Different options to speed up combat. Optional file for archery attacks and movement speed. Mages attacks are not affected (so this can help making things more balanced).

-Smarter Party DAO DAA
Modifies AI behaviour so party members evade AoE spells or melee (when set as ranged attackers).

-Slinks s3 RAVAge
Makes the game more difficult and unique by adding extra enemies and extra random drops. Extra enemies fit in the location. The mod also modifies stamina and mana regeneration (for everyone) so it makes the game more dynamic (but it may also make some builds more/less effective since it's much harder to run out of stamina/mana).

-Free items in your inventory by all restrictions
Removes restrictions from items that are meant to be used by a specific NPC (like Morrigan's robes) or by a certain type of character (Mage for instance). This won't remove racial restrictions or the ability score needed to equip an item.

Very useful when you have numerous mods that you want to test or when you want to add an item to your inventory without looking for a script.

-Make CONSOLE commands visible
Incredibly useful when you start using the console.

-Chantry Monk Specialization-Martial Arts Unarmed Combat
A Monk (unarmed) specialisation for Mages. Perfect for a new character and a fresh gaming experience.

-Lock Bash
Both DAO and Awakening. Allows locks to be attacked and bashed. Recommended by Kana.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:35 pm


-Downloadable Content (Promotional and Exclusive items)
Some items are listed as not requiring Authorization: The Edge, Embri's Many Pockets, Helm of the Deep, The Lucky Stone, The Lion's Paw, Mark of Vigilance, Amulet of the War Mage, The Wicked Oath, Bulwark of the True King (for Origins), Bulwark of the True King (for Awakening), Pearl of the Anointed (for Origins), Pearl of the Anointed (for Awakening), Bregan's Bow (for Origins), Bregan's Bow (for Awakening), Blightblood (for Origins) and Blightblood (for Awakening). These items are added to your character's inventory. To download and install just follow the instructions on the wiki page.

-Leliana Item Set
Adds a set of items devised for Leliana to Bodhan's inventory so you can buy them. The items are not overpowered and suit Leliana's looks and background quite well.

-Armor of the Devout
An armour set that can be obtained while going through the Sacred Urn quest. Slightly overpowered but looks incredibly good and blends well in game.

-Armor of the Sten
Adds an armour for the Sten in the Chantry in Lothering. Can only be used by the Sten.

-Bow and Light Armor set for Elven Archers
Adds a set for Elf Male (an Arcane Warrior version is provided). It looks really cool and original if a bit flashy. You get it for free. Male characters only. For female characters use the Daughters Of Mythal armor set.

-Green Legion Armor Fixed
Adds a suit of armour that can be used by everyone. It's a green retexture of the Legion armour with nice stats. It actually reminds me of the Ankheg plate in Baldur's Gate. You get it for free.

-Custom Waraxes And Retextured Massive Armor Set
Perfect if you're looking for a Death Dealer look for your character. One version works for all races but it will look better on your main character.

-Manolaxs Staff Collection For Mages
Adds four custom staves to your inventory, a cobra, a stag, a globe (representing Thedas) and a skull. They look really good in game. Slightly overpowered but incredibly stylish.

-Orator Vestments
Adds a very nice looking suit of armour perfect for a Templar. It looks really good. It can be added to Bodahn's shop.

-Legacy of Sundown
A really cool armour set designed for Elven Rogues (but wearable by other characters). Custom weapons are also added. It was made for Zevran.

-Wings Of Velvet
Adds an item set for mages. It looks great compared to vanilla robes. Both male and female versions.

-Warden Shields
Adds different types of Warden shields in Bodahn's inventory (three shapes, lighter and darker tints). Nice for a change.

-Bow - Seven Hymns Of The Dragons
Adds a custom bow that looks quite weird but is really impressive and cool (depending on your taste). If you're into dragon themed weapons that is just perfect.

-The Ivory Tower and Nightfall Bloom
Adds a collection of items made especially made for Arcane Warriors. The items can be added to Bodahn's shop.

-Warden Effort Armor
Yet another armour, this one is a retexture of the Effort plate with a Grey Warden look. It's not a replacer and you get it directly in your inventory for free.

-WIP - Rashantas Armory
An armour for human females, you get it directly in your inventory. It's different from most armour sets and is quite revealing without being vulgar. There is a version with a skirt and another with a cape. It's still a WIP and the mod author is working on a medium set.

-Mord Sith Armour
Another armour for human females, it has a nice leathery look and it's really different from vanilla armours and other modded armours. It would be a nice armour for a Rogue but it gives points to magic so you may want to give it a try with a Mage instead.

-Sexy mage robes
Adds sexier mage robes for female characters. They don't look like your character is running around in a bikini and they're not indecent. You can choose between a replacer and a standalone version (I recommend the non replacer).

-Artemis Entreri Package
Adds a sword, a gauntlet, a dagger and an armour based on Artemis Entreri's equipment in The Icewind Dale Trilogy. You get them directly in your character's inventory.

-The sword of darksouls
Adds some very beautiful swords to the game and it's now a standalone mod (it used to be a replacer).

-Honey I shrunk the vigilance
Longsword and dagger based on the Vigilance model. Both for DAO and Awakening.

-The velvet blade
Adds a really cool looking longsword (and great sword) based on the Voice of Velvet model, very stylish.

-Soul Reaper
Adds a scythe to your inventory. It's big, it's overpowered but it looks really good (especially if wielded by a big fellow). A new version (smaller and more balanced) is available.

-Fenod Weapon Pack
Adds a variety of original weapons to the game that can be bought from Bodahn. It includes Whitebark (a big maul, perfect if you want to toss the caber or play baseball with Darkspawn), Deadweight (an even bigger maul which looks as if it is made out of solid rock. Really cool if you're into really big weapons) and many other great weapons.

Adds a longsword and a greatsword to your inventory. It looks incredibly good.

-The Bow Called Doomshard
Adds a very nice looking bow to your inventory (it has a "scaly" look that you may appreciate).

-Armor of the Chaotic-Blue
For male humans only. It adds an armour complete with necklace and staff for Arcane Warriors (but it can be used for other classes if you meet the Str requirements). The armour is definitely overpowered but it looks really good although some players may think it's not too lore friendly (it's based on the Slayers series). A red version is available.

-The Phoenix Armory for Females
Female characters only. This set of armour looks incredibly good. It also adds weapons that van be used regardless of gender.

-Raptures Witcher
Armours and weapons from the Witcher. It also adds hairstyles and eye variations. Very good quality. The armours can only be used with human and elf male characters.

-Glass Weapons Morozik75
Various weapons that include some modifications to the elemental damage system.

-Kirkwall Exports, dalish light armour, rogue armor, unique light armours, apostate clothing, Grey Warden armours
Numerous items from DA2 are ported to DAO so they can be used in game. Models don't stand out in DAO but you have to use the console (or a mod) to get them in game.

Flemeth Robe
Flemeth's robe from DA2 added to the game (female human and elf characters only).

- succubus bedlah
Outfit for female characters based on the Desire Demon. A Dwarf version can be bought in a shop in Denerim.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:36 pm


-Improved Atmosphere
This mod adds many things to the game to make it more immersive. NPCs will engage in activities, your companions will adopt more realistic stances at your party camp, etc. It affects many aspects of the game so it is recommended to start a new game. You can select some components and ignore others. It also introduces more variety in items and an option to increase difficulty to make the game more challenging consequently to the introduction of these new items. The readme is well done and goes into details regarding all these changes.

-Dragon Age Mutator
A customizable mod collection, easy to use and very useful. Each component has a risk rating by the author so you know when you're taking chances. Some components will change gameplay quite a bit and will feel like cheating but others are just fantastic and make the game more convenient. The mod is updated frequently so expect new components.
My pick includes "Finishing moves happen more frequently" (don't overdo it because you may still take damage during some of these animations), "Less transparent and faster in stealth" (visual change), "Stealing without cooldown" (the cooldown makes stealing a real pain IMO), "Disable auto leveling for new companions" (only works when you get the companion, great when you've played the game a few times and wonder what Leliana would be like as a dual wielding rogue or Morrigan with a different spell selection), "Silence Shale's footsteps" (a must have mod, gets rid of the awful noise Shale makes when moving), "Make shapeshifting instantly and without downtime" (shapeshifting is really weak so at least this makes it a little bit better), "Display rewarded and stolen items" (a must have mod, simply lets you know what item you get, the way the game should have been). There are a few others but these are the ones I've tested so far.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:37 pm


-Alley of Murders
This is a nice quest mod that introduces several small quest that take place in Denerim. It features competent voicing (especially for a mod) so it doesn't break immersion and it makes a clever use of game ressources. Although it is short (it won't take more than one hour to complete it and probably closer to 30 minutes) you will probably enjoy the choices that have to be made and the story behind them.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:39 pm

Most mods I've listed don't use the dazip format but you may want to check this:
-Guide for installing/uninstalling/updating Mods for Dragon Age. Follow the instructions and you shouldn't run into any problem, DAModder is your friend.

Last but not least, if you're not sure about using DAModder to remove dazip mods, it's not a bad idea to back up your override folder (don't forget to disable them first and force load your save and make a new clean save before though). Most mods can simply be deleted from the override folder but dazip mods are trickier.

Last but not least, when starting a new game, you should disable mods that add items or new skills before actually starting the game. If you don't then they may not show up in game (while they're still enabled). Official DLC work fine in that respect and are not affected so you don't have to disable things like the Lucky Stone for instance. If you run into this issue, you should make a save, exit to the main menu, disable the content that is not showing in game, force load your save, make a new save, exit to the main menu, enable the content and load your last save. It's easier to just disable modded items before starting a new game. Of course, you don't have to disable items that are added to a shop or a chest later in game, this is only relevant to items that spawn in your character's inventory.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:00 pm

I totally love the Mord-Sith armor! (I'm a Legend of the Seeker geek)
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:15 pm

I haven't updated this list in a while and I should point out that there are some cool Witcher items on the Dragon Age Nexus. I have to test them some time. Wink

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:32 pm

Major update of the list today, I've added many links to items and various gameplay and texture files.

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Catnip Purveyor

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:20 pm

Thanks for this list. There are some nice gems on here. I was thinking about starting up a new character. The Dalish mage origin looks especially interesting. I like playing mages, but I don't like being restricted to just the one origin, when warriors and rogues have so many.
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Pole Dancer Impersonator

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:11 pm

Make sure you pick up the mod that fixes dialogue issues. I haven't played through the entire game with this mod but I guess it will be fine as long as you can overlook the few lines that may stand out. The game will recognize you as a Dalish, it's only the Mage thing that may require some willing suspension of disbelief. Though it will make sense to take the Keeper specialization in Awakening. Wink

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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Catnip Purveyor

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:05 am

I wanted to suggest another mod for the list. It's the Lock Bash mod. It will allow your mage or warrior to bash open a lock if you don't have a rogue in your party, and it is fully configurable through ini settings. It also replicates the functionality of the "Party Command Unlock" mod you have listed, in that if your rogue has the skill to unlock a container, they will automatically go an unlock it for you when you click on it with your party leader. This mod also has an advantage over that mod in that it has a version for Awakening.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:24 pm

Never used it so thanks Kana for pointing this one out. Wink

"Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional."
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Age Origins Mods   

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Dragon Age Origins Mods
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