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 Your Friend in Texas

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Mr. K

PostYour Friend in Texas

Howdy from Texas, All Y'all!

OK, enough Fake TexSpeek.

This is a Blog like Topic, I will post a few things that I am thinking about. My intention is to have a general Conversation with all of you. I don't intend this to be about Gaming, Modding or Voice Acting, this is for stuff that doesn't fit any where else here in the Saloon.

If you have questions or comments about anything posted here, well that is what this is, a conversation.

If you want to talk about something not mentioned here, well this is the place, I will talk about what ever, so go ahead and jump in.

This Conversation will not be about anything Political, or very controversial, if we want to talk about Politics, there are a lot of very well run Political WebSites run by some very well educated, Political Historians, and Political Scientist, and they do their homework before saying anything. I may mention something, but I don't want to get deep into stuff like that.

I will use the Spoiler function to save space in overly long Post, I get way too long winded a lot, so if you want to read the long version, just click on the Spoiler tag. See below:

Well after that, I will tell you a little about me:


Your Friend in Texas

Next up is about my Family

Link to a Video of 10 hours of rain and thunder, (just to have a place to hold the link).

Last edited by Mr. K on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:05 pm; edited 5 times in total
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Your Friend in Texas :: Comments

Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:14 pm by Mr. K
Analog Computing Links:

An Analog Thinking Friend
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:24 am by NDCowdy
Thanks for the heads up on the Dark Creations site. I just noticed yours and Nakias messages on Steam as I rarely log into that properly, I can't even seem to find the messages I read to reply, I must be getting old, starting to fumble over new tech Razz . I haven't had a proper look or logged on as I guess I have other projects at the moment that are holding my attention more than modding. Hope the rest of you are finding interesting things there.
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:43 pm by Mr. K
Hi Cowdy;
Yes we are staying busy.

Hi Everybody;

Charley is doing great, here is a picture of him on my couch.

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:21 pm by Carabas
So cute, looks like a miniature sheep. Smile
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:24 pm by Sue77
He looks so cute Mr. K. I'm surprised as Echo's coat is curlier than Charley's by a lot. I trimmed her with the scissors (took around 4 inches off) and it's really brought the curl in her coat out. I'll try to get a good pic so I can show you.

Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Wed May 08, 2013 12:59 am by Mr. K
Hi Everybody;

Well if you saw that, I had a pile of Script up, but it did not run, so anyway...

Well I was running an errand today and I saw some Wild Roses on the side of the road, so I stopped and took a picture. I see them all the time, mostly in cow pastures, but this was on the side of the road where I could get to it. This Wild Rose has 5 petals, if I remember right, it should be 4. I think this Wild Rose is native to this part of the World, but it could have been brought over from Europe some time in the last 500 years.

Along the side of the road where I walked to get to the Rose, where some Blackberries. Some where ripe, and they taste very good, sweet and tart. I ate them, I did not have anything to put them in. I was wearing shorts, so I did not wade out into the thorny vines to reach more, but I may go back, or some other place to pick more Blackberries. And the wild roses have nasty thorns, and they where all around the area with the Blackberries.

Your Friend in Texas

Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Wed May 08, 2013 1:48 am by Nakia the Rogue
Nice photo, Mr. K. I have a wild rose bush in the back yard but it hasn't started to bloom yet.
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Wed May 08, 2013 3:18 pm by Mr. K
Hi All Rose growers;

Link to more about Wild Roses:

After looking for more info, I found that all wild roses have 5 petals, and only 5. So if you think you have a wild rose, and it has more than 5, well it's a hybrid rose. I also found that most of them are pink, and some are white, but the wild roses I see all over some range land in this part of Texas are all white, with just a very pail pink shade. If you look closely at the image above, you may be able to see this tiny bit of pink in the almost pure white rose.

I think I may go out and dig up a small wild rose plant, and put it in a pot. After it starts growing, I will make a Bonsai out of it. I have a lot of unused Bonsai pots, and a Wild Rose would make a great Bonsai.

Links to Bonsai for anybody that doe's not know about them.

OK, I am going to post some images of my own Bonsai.

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Wed May 08, 2013 3:37 pm by Mr. K
My best Bonsai;

Ficus, OK, the rock is something I jammed in, to add interest, and some day it will be hidden inside the trunk.

Crape Myrtle, Crape Myrtles are native to Texas, and there are many variates grown all over the World in gardens, and yards.

Rosemary, This is the curly variety, and it is more interesting than the kind you use to cook with. This plant has made it into the cook pot many times. I wish I had a camera that was better at close-ups than my phone, there are little blue flowers with very nice color patterns, and a complex shape.

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Wed May 08, 2013 3:40 pm by Nakia the Rogue
Great, Mr. K, I will have to remember to show those to Mark. Maybe give him a new hobby. You will have to explain how you do it.

Knick Nak
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Wed May 08, 2013 4:02 pm by Mr. K
Hi Nakia;

Just look on-line, there are lots of sites dedicated to Bonsai, and how to grow, and train them. It's not hard, but because the pots are so small, you have to watch them for dryness every day, and twice in hot or windy dry weather.{7BECF3F5-749E-40A5-8DFE-CEA5B2061046}&mid=18227a499c7b47d0be4e81ac0f022603-01a78d91120449b18225baf167412c5ec8341176&ds=AVG&lang=en&v=[/url]

What a messy looking link! OK, I trimmed the link, but it works anyway.

Here is a Link to a very good Bonsai site, be sure to look at the Gallery.

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Wed May 08, 2013 4:50 pm by Nakia the Rogue
Thanks Mr. K
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Thu May 09, 2013 4:34 pm by Mr. K
Hi Nakia;

Yep, some things I am interested in, are things that most people don't know about. So just ask me, I may know a lot about some odd set of info.

An example:
Most Aerobatic Pilots will tie a piece of yarn on the end of a wing, or strut, to be able to see what angle the airflow is at. This is used to know when to make a control input to the stick, ruder, or throttle. You can judge airspeed by looking at the yarn, without looking in the cockpit. Simple and very effective.

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Fri May 10, 2013 4:33 pm by Mr. K
Hi Everybody;

Well it is RAINING like crazy here at my house!

It is 11:20am, and the sky is green, it is dark like after sunset, and the rain is coming down in buckets!

Fun to watch, and better to be inside, out of the rain.

Radar is full of rain, and we will get well over 1 inch, I will report after the rain to give you the total for this rain event from radar.

In other news: I was having trouble with Flash Player, any time I watched a video it would crash. So this morning I tried to download, and update it, but it hung-up, and I had to force a shut-down (push the power button), and then I deleted the Flash Player in the Control Panel, and re-downloaded a fresh copy. I also had to turn off my Firewall (scary) for the instalation, but it works now.

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Fri May 10, 2013 5:03 pm by Mr. K
Here is the Official Warning for Harris County, I live in the far SE part of Harris Country. The rain is just about done for now, but it could fire-up any time.

Fun reading, and informative too.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Statement as of 11:36 AM CDT on May 10, 2013

... A Severe Thunderstorm Warning remains in effect until 1215 PM CDT
for extreme western Chambers... northeastern Brazoria... Galveston and
extreme southeastern Harris counties...

At 1131 am CDT... Doppler radar indicated a line of severe
thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds in excess of 60
mph. These storms were located along a line extending from Shoreacres
to 10 miles east of Danbury... or along a line extending from Baytown
to 12 miles southwest of Hitchcock... moving east at 45 mph. The
Pearland ASOS reported a peak wind gust 45 mph.

Locations impacted include...
Baytown... League City... Texas City... La Porte... Dickinson... La
Marque... Santa Fe... Bacliff... Hitchcock... Webster... Nassau Bay...
Taylor Lake Village... San Leon... El Lago... Kemah... Anahuac... Bayou
Vista... Clear Lake Shores... Jamaica Beach and morgan's point.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

Severe thunderstorms produce damaging winds in excess of 60 miles per
hour... destructive hail... deadly lightning and very heavy rain. For
your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of your
home or business. Heavy rains flood roads quickly so do not drive
into areas where water covers the Road.

Lat... Lon 2953 9469 2979 9473 2964 9502 2951 9498
2955 9478 2954 9477 2947 9495 2943 9471
2936 9486 2934 9479 2933 9473 2932 9474
2932 9475 2914 9504 2914 9506 2930 9491
2916 9532 2979 9505 2983 9465
time... Mot... loc 1631z 266deg 38kt 2967 9494 2919 9517

Your Wet Friend on a Rainy Day in Texas

Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Fri May 10, 2013 9:57 pm by Sue77
Wow - that's some detail. I hope the strong winds don't cause you any trouble.

Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Mon May 13, 2013 1:15 am by Mr. K
Hi Sue, and Everybody;

The rain was not a problem in my area, we are close to the Bay, and there is good drainage. There was some flooding in the areas ferther inland, but not too bad.

OK, I am using a different Browser today, it is kind of odd, and the Spellchecker is not wortking.

I am using the Steam "Big Picture" Browser to try and figure some more stuff out. If you have a Steam account and have not tried their "Big Picture" Browser, try it, you may like it.

In Fire Fox, you can set-up things, and add Add-Ons, but this one is not very user friendly in how it works, or I am not looking at the right place.

TEG, nothing big, just something I did with the Steam browser.
"All we got to work with is Human Nature"

Your Friend in Texas

PS: I got to figure out the Spell Checker thing in this odd, and small browser.
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Mon May 13, 2013 3:08 am by Nakia the Rogue
I very briefly tried the Steam Big Picture and didn't like it. Good luck to you, Mr. K.

Nakia, your New Jersey friend.
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Mon May 13, 2013 3:26 am by Lndf117
The big picture mode for steam is mostly intended for using steam on a tv with a controller but it does work without a controller.
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Thu May 30, 2013 4:43 am by Mr. K
Hi All Y'all;

Well I have been some place else, maybe I fell off the edge of the Earth, or something like that.

Time can stretch and bend, better than a snake can.

I need to get back in the habit of talking again, I miss conversation.

Probably not till next week, my Wife took off this week and she is looking at me now, wondering how I can spend so much time on-line. I only have been on-line about an hour or 2 over the last 6 or 7 days.

Any way, we are going to the In-Laws tomorrow, we haven't been to see them in a wile. We are taking my little dog with us, I hope the dog there is nice to Charley, Buck could eat him in about 2 bites.

Charley is doing great, he is not real sure about where to pee, and poop yet, but he is starting to get the idea. He is growing, but a little on the small size for his age, but he will make it to Standard Poodle size, maybe a little under the average, but he'll get there.

We have been getting a few wonderful Tomatoes off our tomato vines. Nice red, juicy, and amazingly strong flavor. The Banana Tree is growing, but no bloom stalk yet.

Katie decided to stay in Waco for the Summer. She got a waitress job, at what sounds like a bar & grill kind of place, we will be going to see her, maybe this weekend. She can make a lot of money as a Waitress. She is also going to take a German class at the local community collage. Apparently, German classes are hard to get into at Baylor, and she needs to take a lot of German, along with French, Italian, and I don't know what else.

Kim & Casey are doing fine, as far as I know... We haven't seen them much at all, and we will be going to see them soon too.

I probably need to think about, and talk about some politics, just to keep my ideas fresh in my mind.

Well any way, I got to get up early to drive to Smithville, so Good Night.

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Thu May 30, 2013 9:16 am by Nakia the Rogue
Glad you decided to pop in and let us know you are alive and well, Mr. K. Have a good time with Mrs. K.

I have been very busy over at the Wormhole and could use your help so I hope to see you there next week. I am now a budding sound engineer. I don't know if you are acquainted with CLShade he was one of the early members of Wormhole, quite a modder in his own right and I believe the creator or one of the creators of CraftyBits. He is very knowledgeable. It seems he got sick and was home and bored so he saw a post I made about some noise I am still getting. He took a raw file of mine and went over it. Seems my sound is very good. As good as much of the vanilla Oblivion ones and even better than some. The sound I have is mainly caused by the internatalguts, video card, motherboard connection. There is a solution, not free but rather cheap. It is an external audio interface and he linked me to one that was on sale for half price. $30 with free ground shipping. He also answered some other questions I had.

Raggidman had suggested an interesting project but I had no idea how to go about it. Because of Cl's help and comments I finally got up the nerve to try. I am currently playing with Audacity to see what I can do there.

jez has joined me and I am hoping she will have time to do a recording for me. If I can get this to work I have plans. You know your Traveling Merchant idea? Yes, you do. Maybe we can't do it as a mod but we could do it as a fan fiction video. From little acorns do mighty oaks grown.

Come join me, please.
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Thu May 30, 2013 9:36 am by Sue77
It's good to see you back Mr. K - we've missed you.

Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Thu May 30, 2013 6:19 pm by wetblanket
Good to hear an update from Texas Smile
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Thu May 30, 2013 7:14 pm by Sue77
Good to see you also Wetblanket Smile
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post on Fri May 31, 2013 5:37 am by Mr. K
Well, now I feel like I have a few people that actually read my long winded bits of living here in Texas. And I am feeling a little guilty, for not keeping a regular posting rate of one-a-day. I got to get it going, I haven't even mowed my yard in about 3 weeks, it's looking rather ragged.

Any way, my In-Laws are doing fine, and we took Charley with us, and he had a good time, and did not get too close to Poky (yes I called him Buck, but that is the dog before Poky). He played a lot, and did a lot of walking all around the property on a leash. With all the distractions, he did not eat much of anything today. But he is a very happy puppy.

We got a lot of potatoes, onions, and carrots, from my Father-In-Law's garden. We will be eating some of it soon. And with our own tomatoes, it will be very tasty meals for a wile.

Nakia: Yes I will make a trip over to the Wormhole, but it may be as late as Monday, but I will try to get there sometime sooner.

I talked to K'Tejas, and he likes the idea, and we will both be looking into your idea for a Fan Fiction Video. He can't come just yet, his big Bear Skin Coat is at the Cleaners, but it is supposed to be ready by Monday. I finally talked him into getting it cleaned, it just stank too much like... well, like a Dead Bear! "Besides", I told him, "it's too warm to wear it here in Texas."

Your Friend in Texas
Re: Your Friend in Texas
Post  by Sponsored content

Your Friend in Texas

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