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 Kingdom Come Deliverance

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PostSubject: Kingdom Come Deliverance   Kingdom Come Deliverance I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 13, 2018 4:54 pm

The game came out today and since I'm stuck home with the flu (true story) I was able to play through the prologue.

So far I'm really impressed by the game.

It's first person only (sorry Sue) with a third person view during conversations.

The prologue was a bit linear but there were still different ways to go about getting things done and a few choices to be made.

The game feels a bit cumbersome at first but my impression is that it has more to do with a certain learning curve. I'm using a controller so maybe it's easier that way but I felt combat to be rather intuitive as you direct your attack with the stick so you can choose the direction and hope that the first hit will connect so you can chain another without running out of stamina. Very Happy

The game is meant to be hardcore and you're no superhero and that's a pretty nice change of pace for once. You have to eat, sleep and treat your wounds otherwise you will end up dead in a ditch rather sooner than later.

On that note the only thing I don't really enjoy so far is that saving is limited to sleep and or drinking a certain type of alcohol (which you have to buy and possibly brew yourself) but you can only carry three flasks at any given time...

Other than that the game isn't a bug ridden mess and it's working fine on my computer (which is nothing too fancy) in fact the only things I did notice were some instances of clipping but that's nothing in comparison to some (most) AAA games out there.

Last but not least there has been a certain controversy prior release regarding this game having to do with the absence of persons of colour in early 15th century Bohemia and I don't want to dwell on that but I can't see how anyone in their right mind could hold that against the game considering the setting (a small rural area).

I've only played through the Prologue but if it is any indication the writing is actually pretty good and many gamers that troll the game's steam forum could learn from what a certain character has to say.

I had to take a break from playing as I need to lie down a bit (I think I'm having some temperature at the moment) so that's where I left things off. I hope the game opens up more now that I've played through the introduction.

Last but not least the game is actually gorgeous and the medieval looking loading screens and UI are a treat for the eyes. I should also mention the music that really matches the setting and contributes to the atmosphere of the game. All in all this is far exceeding the expectations I had regarding this game.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance
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